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Vector Corrosion Services

Galvanode® DAS

Distributed Anode System for Concrete Corrosion Control

Galvanode® DAS is a custom-designed distributed anode system used to provide corrosion control or cathodic protection to concrete decks, columns, beams and walls.  The system is encased in new concrete, embedded in concrete overlays, encapsulated inside reinforced concrete jackets or used in conjunction with stay-in-place FRP jackets for column and pile protection.

The anode shape, quantity of zinc, electrical components and installation procedures are customized to meet specific project requirements. Individual anode units are typically square, rectangular or circular in cross section and can be supplied in lengths up to 7.5 ft (2.3 m).


  • Bridge and marine structures
  • Bridge widening
  • Concrete jacketing/section enlargement
  • Galvanic jackets for columns and piles
  • Galvanic deck overlays
  • Service life extension in severe service conditions
  • Conventionally reinforced and prestressed/post-tensioned concrete