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Vector Corrosion Services

DAC-Anode® Conductive Coating

dac-anode-wb.jpgThe DAC-Anode is a distributive impressed current cathodic protection anode system originally known as DAC-85.  The system has been successfully used for over 30 years with 10 to 20 years of expected service life.  The DAC-Anode system is used as a nondestructive corrosion mitigation solution for ageing concrete infrastructure such as multi-story carparks, residential balconies, leisure centres and similar structures in a corrosive state.

DAC-Anode WB

A single component, single coat, electrically conductive coating that is applied by brush, roller or spray to the surface of concrete.  DAC-Anode is applied between 200-300 microns dry film thickness.  The material dries in 3 to 4 hours and can be recoated in 4 to 6 hours.

DAC-Anode Overcoat

A flexible acrylic, crack and weather resistant topcoat for an attractive finish over DAC-Anode WB.   The DAC-Anode overcoat is applied at 88 to 175 microns dry film thickness and is available in an array of colours to achieve an aesthetically pleasing matte appearance.  The material is tack free in 2 hours and achieves full cure in 4 to 7 days.

DAC-Anode Distribution Wire

A tri-metal composite wire is used as the primary current distributor to the DAC-Anode coating. The platinum clad anode wire is placed at a typical spacing of 2.5 to 5 metres on centre.